Strengthening the Paths to Success
Performance Management (PM) Impact

Performance Management Impact 

The Performance Management department has gone through a rapid evolution in its first two years of existence.  The department has introduced tools, templates, and concepts that are not traditionally found in education, and senior leadership has had a significant learning curve.  Below are some highlights of how Performance Management has positively impacted the District:


  •  Transportation: Cost per District operated bus reduced by almost 40%.
  • Food and Nutrition Services: Meals per labor hour increased by almost 20%.
  • Procurement: P-Card Transactions ratio grew from 27.6% to 33%.
  • Information & Technology: Ratio of students to computers improved by 25%.
  • Information & Technology: First contact resolution rate improved from 57% to 86%.
  • Designed and launched Initiative Alignment & Prioritization framework to help categorize for the first time Critical, High, Medium and Low priority projects.
  • Increased usage of new templates (e.g. work plans & cost benefit analyses) within Divisions to help guide and manage workflows.


  • District grade improved from C in 2013 to B in 2014.
  • BCPS experienced 3-point increase in reading learning gains.
  • BCPS experienced 2-point increase in math learning gains.
  • Our lowest 25% students experienced 5-point increase in math learning gains.
  • Contributed to a greater data orientation, better organization of data (e.g., Early Childhood Education).
  • Influenced significant, new ways of working (e.g., Academics: BEST Blueprint).