Superintendent's Screening Committee

Screening Committee

The Superintendent’s Screening Committee (SSC) was formed over 20 years ago to streamline requests from outside organizations, businesses, agencies or individuals that are interested in providing a program, presentation, educational information or material directly to Broward County Public Schools. The SSC also serves as the single point of entry for many other requests from the community. Each school year, over one thousand requests are received and processed.

Are you a company, business, organization or an individual wishing to share a flier or brochure with schools about a non-school related event, program or activity?
Are you seeking approval to bring a student program, incentive program, contest, free curriculum, activity or other opportunity to one or more schools?

If so, the Superintendent’s Screening Committee is the place to start.

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New Screening and Review Procedures

Step 1 -  Go to the Screening Requests section and find the type of request you are making.
Step 2 - Read ALL of the information and guidelines associated with that topic/type of request.
Step 3 - Download and fill out the Screening Application and associated forms and prepare your material accordingly.
Step 4 - Submit your application and any related material to the Superintendent’s Screening Committee.
Step 5 - Allow time for review of material. All requests will receive a response in writing.

If you’re already familiar with the Screening process, visit our Forms section to get started.

Please note: Approval of a request is not an endorsement by Broward County Public Schools. If approved, participation in any program or distribution of any material is also subject to the principal’s discretion.


What does the SSC review?
Any request that involves providing a program, service, presentation, information or material from an outside organization, business, agency, or individual will be handled. The SSC does not make determinations for all requests received. However, the SSC will identify the correct department, agency or organization that can assist the applicant. To find out about a specific type of request, visit the “Screening Requests” section of the Web site.

Who is on the SSC?
The SSC is an ad hoc committee that identify the correct way to assist applicants. Some requests are handled in-house, while others are referred to BCPS department specialists for a determination.

How does the SSC Serve the Community?
The SSC serves the community by providing a single point of entry for various types of requests (see attached document for list).  The SSC determines where the particular request should be sent for review and then responds to the applicant.

How does the SSC serve the schools? 
The SSC serves schools and departments by eliminating the need for staff to individually screen every request. Applicants provide a copy of the SSC approval letter to schools that then need only to decide if they want to participate or not.

How does the SSC serve School Board members? 
School Board members are frequently contacted by outside organizations, businesses, agencies or individuals that are interested in providing programs, presentations, contests, grant proposals or distributing educational information and materials directly to Broward County Public Schools. Since the Board members become inundated with these requests, The SSC provides the means to get the request into the hands of the department that can help facilitate the project or proposal.  To simplify the process, when contacted by a potential applicant, School Board members can provide them with the Screening Info flier that explains the screening process (see attached flier).

How To Apply
Step 1 -  Visit the SSC web site at
Step 2 - Download the Screening Application and Guidelines.
Step 3 - Complete the Screening Application.
Step 4 - Submit the completed Screening Application and sample flier.

Submit via:

  • Email -
  • FAX - 754-321-2318
  • Mail - Superintendent’s Screening Committee
    600 Southeast Third Avenue, 7th Floor
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

The process for review begins with the submission of an application to the SSC.  The application and various guidelines for requests are available online. Each application is entered into a data system and responded to in writing throughout the review process.  Regardless of the outcome of a request (i.e., approval, denial, need more information, referral, etc.), the applicant is provided a final response in writing.

How long will review process take?
The process can take anywhere from two weeks for simple requests (fliers & incentive requests) to several months (contests, curriculum-based programs, speakers, etc.). The length of time needed to review depends on the type of request, amount of information provided, availability of department staff to review the information, quality of the submission and the time of year.

How do I check on the status of a current or previous request?
Currently, there is no online system available for schools and applicants to check on the status of requests. All applicants will receive a letter in writing from the Committee. Or, to find out the status of a request, contact the Parents, Business and Community Partnerships department at 754-321-2300.

What are the possible determinations by the Superintendent’s Screening Committee?

  1. Approved – The request has been found to be appropriate for schools.  School principals may choose to provide the approved program, presentation or material at his/her discretion in accordance with the approval letter. All approvals are given an expiration date.
  2. Denied – Applicant’s flier has been denied and cannot be sent through the Broward County Public Schools.
  3. Need More Information – Committee requests more information from the applicant in order to make a determination.
  4. Information kept on file – Applicant’s information will be kept on file and disseminated to individuals, schools or parents upon their request.
  5. Referred – Committee is referring the application and information to another department for determination. When the department makes a determination, the SSC will respond to the applicant in writing.
  6. Forwarded – The SSC is forwarding the information to another department, agency or organization and will take no further action.  A letter will be sent to the applicant explaining that it is their responsibility to follow up with the department, agency or organization.

Renewals – How do I get the same request approved next year?

  1. All approval letters have an expiration date.  The approved request can be submitted to school anytime before the expiration date.
  2. Once the approval has expired you must submit a renewal application to the screening committee.  The renewal application can be found online at (​).

What is the Broward County Public School “Notice” and why is it necessary?
The Broward County Public School notice is a statement that is required on any flier or printed material displayed at or distributed through schools.  The notice is needed to inform parents and families that the information or material being provided is coming from an outside organization and not Broward County Public Schools.   The notice must be printed at the top of the material in all caps, at least 12-point font. The notice is as follows: DISTRIBUTION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT OR RECOMMENDATION BY BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS.



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