Broward District Schools Special Investigative Unit


One of our most vital responsibilities is ensuring students learn in safe and secure learning environment.  As a result students can learn, graduate, and enter the work force, vocational school, or college. Broward County’s future is absolutely dependent on maintaining our school system safety and high learning environment for our students, our teachers, and parents.

Broward District Schools Special Investigative Unit supports schools as safe places for all who enter its doors. However, when threats to school and student safety may come, our department collaborates with departments, school administration, SRO’s, first responders, and uses a wide range of school safety support activities including:

•    Partnerships between educators and law enforcement.
•    Maintaining positive school climate.
•    Supporting effective disciplinary policies.
•    Assisting with providing access to quality behavioral and mental health services.
•    Assessing internal and external threats.
•    Controlling access and improving physical security.
•    Working with families.
•    Developing school emergency operations plans.

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Working Together To Keep Our Schools Safe


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