High School Graduation Requirements

There are two options for students to earn their high school diploma, ACCEL (18-credits) or Standard (24-credits).  For both options, students must meet certain credit, grade point average (GPA) and assessment requirements to earn a high school diploma.  A student's graduation requirements are determined by the cohort, which is the year the student first entered 9th grade, and the chosen graduation option.   

Students should know their requirements and regularly monitor their progress toward earning a diploma.  School counselors are available to assist students with planning for college and career readiness.  Students can view an up-to-date report on their progress toward meeting graduation requirements on Virtual Counselor.

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Diploma Designations

Beginning in the 2013/14 school year, students can earn two Diploma Designations on their high school diploma, each with its own requirements beyond the standard diploma:

  • The Scholar Diploma Designation aligns closely to the State University System's requirements for admission into a Florida university.  In addition to meeting the standard high school diploma requirements, students must earn additional credits in accelerated, rigorous courses and pass additional End-of-Course (EOC) exams.  The Diploma Designation requirements are outlined for each Class in the Presentations and Charts below. 
  • The Merit Designation requires students to earn at least one industry certification in addition to their high school diploma.
    The following charts and presentations outline the specific requirements for students in each graduation option based
    on the school year students entered the 9th grade.

Resources for Students and Parents

The charts and presentations below outline the graduation requirements for students in each graduation option and cohort.

Class of 2019 and 2021

Class of 2018

Class of 2017

Current 9th, 10th and 11th Grade Students
(Entered 9th Grade in 2015/16 and after)
Current 11th Grade Students
(Entered 9th Grade in 2014/15)
Current 12th Grade Students
(Entered 9th Grade in 2013/14)
Chart (English) Chart (English)
Chart (Spanish)
Chart (Spanish) Chart (Spanish)
Chart (Haitian-Creole)
Chart (Haitian-Creole) Chart (Haitian-Creole)
Chart (Portuguese)
Chart (Portuguese) Chart (Portuguese)