Student Success Opportunity Schools   


Student Success Opportunity Schools (SSOS) is strategic initiative by Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) to review the performance of schools utilizing a variety of criteria, such as student academic performance (as indicated by FCAT scores), school enrollment, climate, facilities and other local factors.

SSOS provides an opportunity for the District to work with parents, students, staff and community members to discuss the potential educational options available for students that are sustainable and promote increased achievement.


SSOS Symposium Resources from the 2013/14 school year:

The following documents were utilized during the SSOS Symposiums (as listed by date).  The school presentations include feedback and comments compiled during steering committee and community meetings.


January 23, 2014 SSOS Symposium:

February 6, 2014 SSOS Symposium:

February 20, 2014 SSOS Symposium

March 6, 2014 SSOS Symposium

May 1, 2014 SSOS Symposium



May 19, 2014 SSOS Symposium

*Includes: Broward Estates Elementary School,
Rock Island Elementary School,
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School,
Royal Palm Elementary School,
Westwood Height Elementary School and 
Behavior Change Centers

January 30, 2014 SSOS Symposium:

February 13, 2014 SSOS Symposium

February 24, 2014 SSOS Symposium

April 3, 2014 SSOS Symposium

May 15, 2014 SSOS Symposium

May 22, 2014 SSOS Symposium